We are a Tribe focused on each other's wellness and dedicated to building camaraderie. We focus on the recipient's home Tribe as importantly, assisting their focus on the Tribe that supported them.

We help unify our Veteran recipients with the families and communities they spent their professional lives protecting. As an organization, we are unified behind this one effort.

We fortify our Veterans as they transition from service, both in a physical and a physiological sense. We guide our business decisions to also fortify our ability to help, above all else.


Nodens Outdoors cadre is made up of an all Volunteer staff from varied backgrounds that all believe deeply in supporting the Nodens mission to aide our Nation's warriors.




Founder | Executive Director

Matt served over 12 years between the US Army and the CIA's Directorate of Operations with overseas deployments to the Middle East, South Central Asia and East Asia. Upon separation from government service, Matt felt the impact firsthand that leaving a life of service has on the individual Veteran and started to visualize the benefit that an organization like Nodens Outdoors could have. Matt will drive day-to-day operations for Nodens along with a deeply talented Board of Directors.



Vice President | Director of Veteran Outreach - Army/Air Force

Alex is a former 12-year US Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (Green Beret), Sniper, and Army Special Operations operator at a Fort Bragg, NC based unit. Alex separated from the Army in 2021 and, though meeting all the qualifications of a recipient for the Nodens program, instead dedicated himself as cadre to work for the betterment of others. Alex serves as a Vice President of the Nodens Outdoors board and will drive Nodens Outdoors' engagement with the Army and Air Force SOF community to ensure Nodens targets the right recipients at the right time.



Vice President | Director of Veteran Outreach - Navy/Marines

Phil is a former MARSOC operator for 12 years, an outdoor, overland and adventure enthusiast, and incredibly gifted adventure photographer. Along with creating awesome content for Nodens marketing, Phil serves as a Vice President of the Nodens Outdoors board and will drive Nodens Outdoors' engagement with the Navy and Marine SOF community to ensure Nodens targets the right recipients at the right time.



Board Secretary | Director of IC Outreach

Nate joins Nodens Outdoors after a 12-year career as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Raised in Utah, Nate is no stranger to the overwhelming impact the great outdoors can have on wellness and is a prime example of how archery and bowhunting can become therapeutic. Nate will serve as Secretary on the Board to ensure administrative health commensurate with the organization's growth as well as conducting additional outreach functions. Additionally, Nate will drive Nodens Outdoors' engagement with select IC organizations to ensure those Veterans are included in Nodens programs.



Board Member | Director of Training

Matthew is a board certified and licensed athletic trainer who has worked with international and professional sports teams with focus on injury prevention and strength training. As an independent contractor for a government human performance lab, he coaches human performance optimization; and has worked with DOE, DIA, DHS, DOJ US Marshals and DoD USSOCOM elements. Matthew holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and is an avid bow hunter. An incredible coach and educator with cross discipline expertise, Matthew will drive education, training, and coaching to Nodens Outdoors recipients both in-person during immersions as well as virtually.




Outreach Coordinator

Will is an enthusiastic outdoorsman and NSCA Master Class Sporting Clays competitor who is ranked in the top 10% in the United States and a 6 time All-American.  A lifelong hunter of duck, whitetail, turkey, dove, and hog, Will has recently become an avid elk hunter.  Will has built lasting relationships within the hunting, competition shooting, and outdoors communities and is an Ambassador for Blaser USA/Global,  Bill Lewis Lures/Rat-L-Trap, CastAway Rods and a Guide and Outfitter program member for Kuiu.  By trade, Will is a General Contractor and trained chef specializing in Cajun and Southern style cuisine. Will, "The Huntingest Chef," will drive Nodens Outdoors corporate and fundraising outreach to the outdoors industry for the benefit of our recipients.



Hunting Education

The Cook family is a Navy Special Warfare family out of San Diego, CA who represent everything Nodens Outdoors stands for: life outdoors, service, hunting, respect for where our meat comes from, raising children in the natural world, and freedom. Through their incredible ranch, The Ranch Julian, CA, they provide unmatched hunting, wild game and archery instruction to the community. They are the perfect partner in hunting education and host our Veteran recipients annually at their ranch to complete the hands on education portion of the program! Nodens tribe for life!




Science Advisor

Scott has established human performance and fitness programs of record for numerous government organizations. and is the recipient of the 2020 Global Security Award for technological innovations in Biosensing analytics of optimal human performance. Additionally, Scott is a 5-time Gold Medalist for the USA Team in wrestling and martial art, 4-time USA National Team Coach and 3-time Hall of Fame inductee with a Masters of Science in Applied Breathing Science (graduating Summa Cum Luade) along with Master of Sport and Master (Specialist III) in Human Survival in Extreme Conditions. Scott brings an immeasurable level of human performance knowledge to the team and will drive the inclusion of human performance training to benefit Nodens Outdoors' recipients.



Strategic Advisor

Phil is a retired US Army Colonel who was hand selected to serve as the Principal Military Advisor to the Secretary of Defense. Prior to this role, Phil's 25 year military career exposed him to leadership opportunities within the general purpose and special operations communities in a variety of overseas locations to include leading the only forward stationed, combined, division staff. Today, Phil has transitioned to the civilian world where he continues leading business organizations, assists transitioning Veterans seeking employment and participates as an active member of his family. Phil will provide invaluable strategic guidance and advice to the Nodens Outdoors board.