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We are a Tribe focused on each other's wellness and dedicated to building camaraderie. We focus on the recipient's home Tribe as importantly, assisting their focus on the Tribe that supported them.

We help unify our Veteran recipients with the families and communities they spent their professional lives protecting. As an organization, we are unified behind this one effort.

We fortify our Veterans as they transition from service, both in a physical and a physiological sense. We guide our business decisions to also fortify our ability to help, above all else.


Nodens Outdoors’ is a 501c(3) nonprofit charity that provides a unique bowhunting therapy program for transitioning Special Operations Military and Intelligence Community Veterans. Our program provides each recipient the knowledge, equipment and experience to use bowhunting as a therapeutic lifestyle. The program reinforces advanced human performance training and uses analytics to improve cognitive function. Nodens surrounds the recipients with a new TRIBE which restores the team dynamic so desperately needed upon separation.​​​​​​​​​​We believe that getting outside and bowhunting with like minded people offers some of the things you lose when you separate or retire from the military -- camaraderie, skill acquisition, the feeling of providing, mission planning and execution, circadian synchronization and simply being outdoors.​Through knowledge, experience, training and equipment, we hope to give our Veteran recipients a better ability to transition to civilian life and become more focused, present and contributing parents, partners and community members.​Nodens is depicted in Irish lore as the God of Hunting, Healing and the Sea. We could not think of a better combination to encompass what we are trying to do here. Nodens Outdoors is alive to provide for our Veterans by getting them outside.

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