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Nodens Outdoors Cadre is made up of an all Volunteer staff from varied backgrounds that all believe deeply in supporting the Nodens mission to aide our Nation's warriors.



Board President - Navy/Marines

Phil is a former MARSOC Raider, and now serves as the Board President. He spends most of his time building and running his family ranch in the Western US. During his remaining free time, he enjoys his time with his family and working as a freelance photographer. He has a strong belief in the power of getting outside and remaining active, attributing both to his continued effort in his own transition back to normalcy as a Veteran. 


“Nodens Outdoors is more than just another Non-Profit for Veterans, it is a family, and a tribe. It fortifies SOF Veterans to become better husbands, fathers, and friends as well as brings them renewed functionality in their daily lives after their transition from years of faithful service to this country.”



Board Member | Treasurer

Derek is a former Officer of the CIA's Directorate of Operations, an outdoors and overlanding enthusiast, and a certified AML/CFT professional who, after working as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst with the world’s foremost money transfer service, is currently working as a counter-fraud intelligence analyst. Derek has witnessed the incredible sacrifices that American men and women have made in the name of our safety and security, and the impact that those sacrifices had on both our nation and those who defend it. Derek will serve as Treasurer for Nodens Outdoors to ensure that Nodens Outdoors can continue to give back to those who have given so much.



Human Performance Lead

Matthew is a board certified and licensed athletic trainer who has worked with international and professional sports teams with focus on injury prevention and strength training. As an independent contractor for a government human performance lab, he coaches human performance optimization; and has worked with DOE, DIA, DHS, DOJ US Marshals and DoD USSOCOM elements. Matthew holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and is an avid bow hunter. An incredible coach and educator with cross discipline expertise, "Wis" will drive education, training, and coaching to Nodens Outdoors recipients both in-person during immersions as well as virtually.



Archery Education Lead | Media

AJ has worked in Counter Financial Crimes for nearly ten years. When he is not busy looking for money launderers during his nine to five, he is the creator behind the social media bowhunting brand; Knights of the Apex (A.K.A KOTA). AJ creates  photo and video content designed to educate shooters about bowhunting gear, its setup and maintenance. AJ will drive these same efforts for program recipients to ensure they are capable of maintaining their equipment both at home and in the field. 



Veteran Mentor

Marcus Bacahui is a highly decorated 25 year retired USMC Commando. His years of service have taken him on multiple deployments in various areas around the globe. Marcus currently owns a successful business where he instructs and develops tactics, techniques, and procedures for Special Mission Units within the United States. Outside of work and family, Marcus is passionate about new activities that present a challenge, create a spark, and gives him drive. These activities include, snowboarding, Skydiving, and experiences smoking on his smoker grill. Marcus recently picked up bowhunting as a recipient of the Nodens Class of 2023.

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